Eppleton Academy Community

At Eppleton Academy we are dedicated to providing our pupils, families, school members and visitors with a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. We strive to build strong, supportive relationships with Parents, Carers and stakeholders in order to provide the best education experience for our pupils and families. 

Connecting with our local community is so important to us and has proved to offer so many valuable experiences and opportunities for our pupils, having a positive impact on their development and education.

Why is a connected community important?

When pupils, parents and teachers, as well as our broader school members feel connected, there is a greater sense of belonging, school pride and motivation to teach and learn.

Sharing learning goals and providing opportunities to collaborate enhances engagement across the whole school community.

A learning environment where all members are connected means the diverse knowledge and skills of all community members will be valued.

All school community members have a role to play in learning, solving problems and contributing to the learning goals of pupils. By being connected, there is shared responsibility and an overall increase in the learning opportunities for all.

Connecting with our Community

We connect with our community in lots of different ways:


Early Years Family Workshops

We love to invite Parents, Carers and families into Nursery and Reception to take part in themed workshops throughout the year. During the workshops play, learn and work together. These workshops are so valuable as they help us to build relationships with families in order to support the education of our early years pupils. We have so much fun together and it gives Parents/ Carers to communicate with Early Years staff and learn about the key elements of early education. 


"Lovely to be in the classroom together and to see and celebrate what’s going on. Good for developing relationships with staff and other parents and children".



"It's chance to watch my child interact with his classmates in ways I wouldn’t normally see and see how much he trusts his teachers".






Whole School Celebration Events 

We love to invite families to join us in school for whole school celebration events. Celebrating together brings us lots of happiness, fun and laughter. These whole school events leave long lasting happy memories for all those involved.




"The school puts an enormous amount of effort to make parents involved in all events. We get to celebrate events with our children in school and see how happy they are in their school environment".


"There is a lovely community spirit in school. All of the staff are brilliant and really care for the children".



Community Trips and Visitors

We connect with our local community by going on educational visits to learn about local history, events and organisations. Our pupils love visiting new places and always fully enjoy the opportunities and experiences the visits offer. We also love to welcome people and organisations into school to enhance our curriculum offer and provide our pupils with exciting workshops and activities. 

"We went to the Bontanic Gardens where we saw poisonous mushrooms, spiky plants, falling off the trees and giant fish. We went in a desert area with Cacti. There was a rainforest area too. We saw a banana tree, some bananas were still green and some were yellow. I loved it there."


"We went to Dance City in Newcastle and we got to dance on stage in front of the Parents and other schools. I liked performing with my friends". 



Communication with Parents and Carers about our Curriculum  

At Eppleton Academy we feel it is vital to involve Parents, Carers and Families in their child's education. We want Parents and Carers to be fully informed about our curriculum and our education offer. Working in partnership with Parents and Carers helps us to meet the needs of all pupils. We do this through Parent/ Carer meetings, sharing curriculum maps and weekly blogs/ Class Dojo/ social media posts. We love sharing and celebrating the learning that takes place here at Eppleton Academy. 

What our Parents, Carers and Families say...

"It is like a huge family, where each member cares for the other, resulting in a fulfilling school life".

"Every person who works here are approachable,lovely people and they have dealt with things when I've had concerns very quickly and I would definitely recommend this school to anyone and my children have had a wonderful time whilst being in this school through learning and with play".

"I like that's it's small and community orientated"

"Everything feels really positive, there is lots of praise and encouragement and my children are happy here".

"It is such a caring and friendly school which really values each and every pupil. The staff are so supportive of us as parents and very available to talk to. Our children love coming to school and thrive in your care. Thank you!"

"Everyone knows everyone, staff and children feel like they're a team".

"Small friendly School with fantastic Teachers dedicated to the children to helping improve their education and well-being".

"It's a small school with a personal touch. All staff are clearly involved with the children knowing individual names (impressive). Love the extras and what is taught, especially the concert/productions the school have done which I think is important for confidence. Great range of after school clubs. Staff are always friendly and helpful and have sorted any issues immediately".

"Staff are very friendly and welcoming. My daughter loves her Nursery teachers".

"Friendly and approachable staff and head. Always respond to messages/emails. Keep in touch regarding school events and activities and what the children have been learning about".

"Eppleton school has been great ever since my son started reception here, his needs and well being has always been paramount. Since starting year 1 he has came a very long way in regards to his learning, although he is behind on his English things have been put in place for him to achieve better which has done wonders as he’s moved up a set. The Dojo app is fantastic also and parent pay in regards to how you book meals in advance".

"It is great being able to spend time with my child at Nursery and be involved in some of her activities. She loves that I can come in and do these workshops with her and see what she is doing".

"The school is very supportive, easy to approach when a problem or issue is come upon".




What our pupils say...

"I really enjoy school because you learn something new in every subject. I love art. We learn different skills and about different artists. I love drawing animals and nature". Thea

"I really like the teachers at our school because if you are stuck they help you and they are kind. I feel really supported at school. The other children really help me too". Hannah

"I really enjoy coming to school because I learn lots of different things and the teachers help me to reach my full potential. I have made lots of friends who are very kind. I love maths because I can use the skills I have learned in later life". Ewan

"Our school is fun and friendly because we get to take part in lots of experiences such as school visits, performances and celebrations. I particularly liked going to Derwent Hill where we had so much fun climbing, canoeing, gorge walking and loads more". Georgia

"I love English. I buzz off writing stories. I also love History and learning about World War 2". Luke

"I really like how people make you happy when you are sad"

"I really like the teachers in school because when I am worried the teachers always help me with my worries it helps me a lot"

"I really like the reading, assembly, learning and much more because it helps our brain to become smarter and smarter"

"I really like how whenever someone feels worried you can talk to an adult"

"I really like PE because it is made fun"

"I really like the school dinner"

"I really like that there is no bullying"

"I really like reading the books"

"I really like that our school has tons of things to play with outside and that school dinners have a verity of food"

"I really like the teachers"

"I really like the P.E. lessons and how sometimes in lesson we can do stuff like Investigations"

"I LOVE maths"

"I really like the library"


What our community says...

"The children were all so polite when I visited. They listened really well and all took part in discussions and questions. I really enjoyed my time at Eppleton Academy". Anna- Matron Nurse

"It was a brilliant experience for us as a business to be invited into your school to engage with your pupils and help support their careers education. The pupils were so engaged and excited. They had some really interesting questions to ask us. We would love to come back in the future and work with more pupils. We could even provide some workshops for pupils to take part in. We really enjoyed working with Eppleton Academy Primary". Tor- Revibe Marketing

"Huge thank you to the children in year 6 class at Eppleton Academy Primary School for making me feel extremely welcome as part of 'Careers Week'. You all made me smile, you were energetic and asked fantastic questions about my job and life in The Royal Air Force". Lisa Millar RAF

"At Eppleton Academy all of the staff and children are super friendly and the minute you walk in you notice the lovely vibe. The staff and children are all happy". Julia Ramshaw- Early Help Worker