French at Eppleton

 At Eppleton Academy Primary, we strive to level the playing field and raise the aspirations of all our children, which is why we place such high importance on learning a language. The children at Eppleton begin learning French upon entering Key Stage Two, where they partake in a progressive balance of listening, speaking, reading and writings; laying the foundation for Key Stage Three and the wider world in a fun and engaging way.   


Golden Threads in MFL: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar

What would a typical French Lesson look like? 

The French curriculum is split into the threads of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar with many of our lessons incorporating practical activities such as singing, rhymes, games, the opportunity to converse with peers and ask and respond to simple questions in French. Pupils also access online activities which consolidate new language and increase pupils’ capacity to retrieve. Each year group in Key Stage Two has regular French lessons on topic areas such as Greeting, Weather and Healthy Eating. Children will also develop their Intercultural Understanding by finding out about celebrations and traditions in France.  

Where are resources and lessons planned from? 

We use the National Curriculum Framework for Modern Foreign Languages and Primary Languages Network as a basis for our French teaching. Although topic units differ throughout Key Stage Two, core language and phonic application is revisited in order to consolidate knowledge as children progress.  

Primary Languages Network

Primary Languages Network

Primary Languages Network App

Primary Language Network’s pupil app which allows children to access games and challenges from home and on any electronic device

Primary Languages Network App

The French Experiment

Children’s stories spoken in French

The French Experiment

BBC Bitesize

Dash and Blink and other online French games and activities

Dash and Blink Games

Important Documents- Progression Document coming soon


French Progression Map


French Scheme of Work

Year 2

Mrs Cowen

Teacher/ French Lead/ Music Lead

Pink or black
To go back in time and see people who no longer here
Phonics and helping children to read.
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Resilient, loyal, friendly