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In D&T we want our children to have a clear idea of who they are designing and making products for, considering their needs, wants, interests or preferences. Through exploring existing products our children will know what the products they design and make are for. Children at Eppleton design and make products that function in some way to be successful. Products often combine aesthetic qualities with functional characteristics. When designing and making, children are given the opportunity to make informed decisions such as selecting materials, components and techniques and deciding what form the products will take, how they will work, what task they will perform and who they are for. Our children design and make products that are believable, real and meaningful to themselves.  

 Golden Threads in Design & Technology: Design, Make, Evaluate, Technical Skills

What would a typical D&T Lesson look like? 

In our D&T lessons, we start every project by evaluating existing products/ designs. From this, the children create a design specification, which they then begin the design process from for their own products, either individually or in small groups. We integrate teaching on Health and Safety so that children are able make their products safely. Skill-based lessons, which are directly linked to the product being designed, are taught to aide in the design process and up-skill each child. All products are designed and made by the children to a high quality, our lessons are designed with the importance of a high-quality finish in mind. When products are complete, we then evaluate the success of these against the design specification. These projects can be linked to topics in year groups or have a stand-alone theme.  

Cookery is an integral part of the DT curriculum at Eppleton Academy Primary School and the children love learning about food, where it comes from and the importance of a balanced diet. Alongside their subject knowledge, they have opportunities to develop their skills in mixing, weighing, chopping, grating, to name a few. 

Where are resources and lessons planned from? 

At Eppleton, we plan bespoke D&T units which cover the National Curriculum. We use resources and guidance from the D&T Association to aid in the delivery of our lessons.  We currently follow the ‘Project on a Page’ scheme which clearly organises specific skills and knowledge into appropriate year groups. It also provides key information without being too prescriptive, in order for teachers to plan projects which will capture children’s interests and where appropriate fit in with other areas of the curriculum. Specific skills are mapped and taught across key stages. This enables children to build upon prior knowledge and progress in ability and understanding of different techniques. An emphasis is placed on cooking and nutrition which is taught each primary phase with specific, age-appropriate skills embedded. Where appropriate, the children learn about famous and important inventors from past and present.  

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