English at Eppleton

It is our intention that our sequenced English curriculum will promote learning for life, by ensuring that children acquire the necessary literary knowledge, skills and understanding which will equip them with the fundamental tools to achieve in the academy and beyond.

At Eppleton Academy, we value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers.  We believe reading is key for academic success and also a door to further learning and enjoyment.

It is our intention to immerse pupils in the wonders of quality texts to instil a love for reading, a passion for discovery and a confidence to explore their imagination.

Our intention is that by the time they leave Eppleton Academy, EVERY child becomes a reader in order to open doors for all, regardless of background and culture.   

We are clear about the intent of our Reading Curriculum

To ensure that EVERY child becomes a reader by the time that they leave Eppleton Academy

  • By the end of the Autumn term in Reception, all children have secured set 1 sounds (RWI) and are blending them to read CVC words.
  • By the end of the reception year, children will be reading Purple level in Read Write Inc and should be able to read words up to 1.5 without sounding them out loud.
  • By the time children leave year 1, all children have secured early reading skills based on phonic decoding and have completed the Read, Write Inc programme.
  • By the time children leave year 2, they are reading with automaticity and understanding.
  • Children will move on to secondary education, reading with fluency, accuracy and understanding, with the resilience and confidence to tackle unfamiliar texts.
  • By the end of year 6, children will have been exposed to a wide range of authors and texts so that by the time that they leave us, they are competent readers who can recommend books to their peers, have a thirst for reading a range of genres and participate in discussions about books.
  • Our intent, throughout their time with us at Eppleton, is to promote and instil a love for reading, with children of all ages who share enjoyment and a passion for literature.

We are clear about the intent of our Writing Curriculum

  • To ensure every child becomes a writer and confident speaker by the time that they leave Eppleton Academy so that they are able to communicate effectively their thoughts and feelings.
  • In recognition of the context of many of our children, to broaden language used and to develop a rich vocabulary.
  • In recognition of the context of many of our children, to ensure grammatical accuracy in spoken and written language.
  • To link reading and writing, to remove potential barriers so that ALL pupils have literary experiences and a context for writing.
  • By the time pupils leave Eppleton, they will have secured their basic skills in handwriting, punctuation and spelling.
  • They will be able to structure and organise their writing to suit the genre they are writing and include a variety of sentence structures and writing techniques to include detail or description.

English Curriculum Implementation

Some of the practical implementation of our curriculum intent can be seen in the following documents which show our procedures, systems, planning and progression maps.

We follow the National Curriculum and teach the objectives from our Reading and Writing Progression maps through a novel approach based on an English Cycle which has been designed around the needs of our children.

Phonics is taught through the progressive synthetic phonics scheme Read Write Inc.  To learn more about Read Write Inc. please visit our Early Reading page on our website- follow this link: https://eppletonacademyprimary.co.uk/early-reading

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Eppleton Reading Spine
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English Curriculum Policy
English Curriculum Policy

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