Meet our Early Years team and some other very important people


Mrs Wilson

Teacher/ EYFS Lead/ DT Lead

I've been a teacher for 20 years and most enjoy teaching in Early Years. I love to read and my favourite food is chocolate. I am a mam and have two boys at home.

The ability to manipulate time
Literacy/ Creative activities
The Secret Garden
Loving, caring, kind

Mr Shreeve

Teaching Assistant

I love spending time with my family and going camping, also I enjoy playing Ice hockey.

Time Manipulation
Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy
Fun, loyal and kind

Miss Imrie

Assistant Headteacher/Teacher/Early Reading Lead/ PD Lead/DDSL

I love to travel the world, discovering new places and exploring other cultures. I enjoy trying different types of food from the countries I visit. I love spending time with my friends and family.

Superhuman speed
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
Creative, dedicated, caring

Miss Mordey

Teaching Assistant

I love spending time with my son and family. I enjoy going to the beach and going out for meals. I also love gardening in the sunshine.

To be invisible.
The Rainbow Fish
Happy, kind, fun loving

Mrs Jackson

Headteacher/ DSL

I've lived in Sunderland all my life and have 2 gorgeous girls who I love talking about. If it is a sunny day you will find us at one of the beautiful beaches. I enjoy running and play in a netball team.

Super Speed - The Flash
101 Dalmatians
Happy, loyal and expressive
Year 5

Miss Defty

Assistant Headteacher/ Teacher / Maths Lead/ Computing Lead/ DDSL

Enjoy travelling, visiting new countries. I am a football fan, supporting Sunderland and enjoy going to gigs.

Mind Reading
Maths / Art
The Day the Crayons Quit
Loud, funny and organised

Take a look at our school

Our school entrance.

This is where you will find the school office.  Your child will not enter through this door unless they are attending Nursery afternoon sessions. Your child will enter through the Nursery or Reception door depending on your year group. Please go onto the school yard and make your way around the back of the school to find the Nursery and Reception entrances. 


Miss Imrie

Hi, my name is Miss Imrie and I am the Nursery teacher at Eppleton Academy Primary School. I can't wait to meet you but in the meantime please have a look at our wonderful Nursery photos to familiarise yourself with our setting. We have lots of fun in Nursery, I think you can definitely see this in the photographs below.

Nursery Video

If your child is starting Nursery with us soon, you may want to show them this short video of our lovely Nursery setting. This may give them an idea of what Nursery will look like when they join us. 

Nursery Uniform

Nursery Information

Our Nursery uniform consists of the following: • Yellow Polo Shirt • Royal Blue Sweatshirt/ Cardigan (Embroidered School Logo Optional) • Grey Trousers/ Skirt • Black/ White Socks OR Grey Tights • Plain Black Shoes with no additional colours • Blue & White checked Dress (For Summer Months) • Smart Grey shorts (For Summer Months) • Fleece Lined Waterproof Jackets (For Winter Months) • Wellies (Weather Dependent) • Strictly No jewellery including earrings to be worn in school.

Nursery New Starters Info


Nursery Prospectus


Mrs Wilson

Hi, my name is Mrs Wilson and I am the Reception teacher at Eppleton Academy Primary School. We have so much fun learning in Reception and we can't wait for you to join us. Have a look at the photos below to see what Reception is like. See you soon.

Reception Uniform

Our Primary uniform consists of the following: • Pale Blue Polo Shirt • Royal Blue Sweatshirt/ Cardigan(Embroidered School Logo Optional) • Grey trousers or skirt • Black/white socks and/or grey tights • Plain black footwear with no additional colours. • Blue & White checked Dress (For Summer Months) • Smart Grey shorts (For Summer Months) • Wellies (Weather Dependent) • Warm Coat (For Cold Months) Waterproof if possible. • Strictly No jewellery including earrings to be worn in school.

Reception New Starters Info


Reception Prospectus

Advice and Support

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